Emporio Armani

via Nannetti 1
40069 Zola Predosa (BO)

Infos zum Shop

Coats-Denim-Dresses-Jackets-Knitwear-Leatherwear-Pants-Undershirts-Boxers-Pyjamas-Short socks-Boy shorts-Bras-Pants-Thongs-Undershirts-Nightgow-Push-up bras-Bags-Belts-Jewellery-Other accessories-Shoes-Small leather goods-Ties-Watches

Shipping conditions

From Italy to Switzerland


Minimum order value
Maximum number of items per order
Sales tax is deducted
No (10 - 20%)
Customs duty included


Shipping charges
25.00 EUR (Pauschal)
Shipping partner

Delivery & Returns

Delivery time
1 - 3 Tage
15 days
Free returns


Returns for customers from Switzerland:

  • Fill in 5 copies of the Returns Proforma invoice with item description and unit value, which you can copy directly from the delivery note you have received in your package. These forms are necessary for Customs clearance. You can download an empty copy here.
  • Use the pre-printed and pre-paid UPS label included in your order.
  • Contact UPS to schedule the collection of your package. If you do not find the pre-printed label inside your order, you may ask UPS to bring a waybill at the moment of the pick-up. After having filled in the online Return Form, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to complete the waybill.