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At Bellacor, we believe home is a life in progress. Since 2000, we've made it our goal to partner with you through every step of that journey. We understand that what you choose to bring into your home is a major decision, and we relish the responsibility that comes with it.

You put your style and life together in all kinds of ways - and no one offers you better choices than Bellacor. We give you the elements and the design inspiration to create a home and life you love. Chic, fun, classic, cozy - we go where you want.

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Minimum order value
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No (0 - 10%)
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UPS, FedEx

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30 days
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Many products are ready to ship within two days of order placement, others are manufactured when an order is placed, see product pages for specific details.
Rural delivery is available to properties with a physical address.
Bellacor is not responsible for shipping delays due to the fault of the manufacturer or delivery carrier.