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CB2 is affordable modern for apartment, loft, home.

CB2 is a community (which we hope includes you) seeking modern home design that's clever and in the moment, that's spare and simple but with great attention to details, that's priced smart so we can all have it all (and feel smart doing so). The only attitude you'll find at CB2 is creative, fun, happy to share.

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With our global partner Borderfree, fans of CB2 modern can now experience the same smart furnishings and accessories (at those amazing CB2 prices) that have put us on the U.S. design map.

All product prices are shown in your selected international currency. At Checkout, the order total shown is all-inclusive (that means you won’t be charged another dime, peso, or euro) to cover all costs required to deliver your CB2 order—and it?s guaranteed at the exchange rate in effect the moment you complete your order transaction.

Note: At this time, our global partner Borderfree cannot ship oversized items including larger furniture to international destinations. If you really have your heart set on that sofa or bed, plan B is to get a CB2 International Quote for shipping. In addition, while we don't currently ship to all countries via our partner Borderfree (we'll be adding more in the future), there's a good chance we can still make your dream items happen for you.